What you will learn with this Book

  • Learn what civility is and why you should care about it.
  • Assess symptoms of incivility in your workplace
  • Understand the measurable benefits of civility in the workplace
  • Use the Civility Culture Compass™ to identify conditions that may be fostering incivility in your organization
  • Plan and implement a successful workplace civility initiative
  • Build competency in four critical skill areas that underpin ability to exhibit civility at work
In the new world of business we are becoming more aware of the value employees' tribal skills, which relate directly to civility, have on the organization reaching their goals year after year. The civility soft skills explored within this book are in line with leadership competencies. As many organizations look for ways to engage their employees, why not explore the civility matrix. This matrix will work with many organizations as it identifies and naturally links the importance of learning and measurable performance.
Remember, in order to build the organization we want tomorrow, we need to start today in ensuring that our strong technical minds are introduced to, and entrenched in the value of civility.
Dawna Atamanchuk
- Dawna Atamanchuk

Instructional Designer, President, Benefits and Beyond.
Lew Bayer's extensive insight into workplace civility training is apparent in her book "The 30% Solution: How Civility at Work Increases Retention, Engagement and Profitability". Lew's book is a beacon of hope for businesses and organizations looking for an engaging and simplistic approach to implementing civility in the workplace. In my civility presentations and training, I found beginning with the end in mind to be a valuable strategy.
Dr. Karen Beard
- Dr. Karen Beard

Candidate for ICTC Master Certified Civility Trainer
If people are serious about creating a thriving productive workplace then The 30% Solution is essential to make that happen. Author Lew Bayer puts forth a compelling pragmatic approach in helping to make organizations better. Her intentional design is laced with common sense and has captured the discipline that is required for positive change. This work is relevant and demonstrates the power of civility and constructive discourse within successful work environments. In today's 21st Century workplace that is dedicated upon learning and needs a process to assure the best outcome the answer is The 30% Solution!"
Kent Roberts
- Kent Roberts

Founder, National Civility Center

Lew Bayer
- President, Civility Experts Worldwide

Lew believes that “Civility is its own reward”. She suggests that “In choosing civility, people find their best self, and in doing so, they experience the grace, courage, generosity, humanity and the humility that civility engenders.”

For 17 years Lew Bayer has been internationally recognized as North America’s leading expert on Civility at Work™ with focus on social intelligence and culturally-competent communication. She is CEO of multinational civility training group Civility Experts Worldwide, www.CivilityExperts.com, President of the International Civility Trainers’ Consortium, Executive Director of The Center for Cultural Competence www.culturalcompetence.ca, and Founder of the In Good Company Etiquette Academy Franchise Group.

With the release of her new book slated for late 2015, Lew will be a 9-time published author. She is on the board for the National Civility Center, a proud Mentor for The Etiquette House, a member of the Advisory Board for A Civil Tongue, a national magazine columnist, and a frequent expert commentary contributor to over 60 online, print, and television publications. Lew is a distance faculty member at Georgetown University Center for Cultural Competence, is a long-term facilitator at the Canadian Management Center in Toronto Canada. Lew is a Master trainer for the Canadian School of Service, and a certified Culture Coach® who also holds credentials in Intercultural Communications, Essential Skills, and Occupational Language Assessment.

Lew Bayer