• Why employee engagement is at an all-time low, and why the strategies you are currently using are actually hurting your business.
  • Why, in this economy, the relationships you build with your employees are more important than the relationships you build with your customers.
  • Understand and appreciate why now is the time for a new approach to employee engagement, and why employee engagement is your only competitive advantage.
  • How leaders can increase employee performance, while increasing their stress and improving their profits.
  • What strategies you need to grab hold of your own career, and put yourself in charge of your own success.
  • Why it takes both the right leadership and the right employees, working together to build cultures the inspire innovation, drive and personal responsibly.
Own It: Redefining Responsibility is a must read for anyone looking for an innovative approach to the challenge of employee engagement. In this powerful work, Meridith reveals how this economy has changed, why engaging today’s employees is different, and specifically what you need to do build a team that is as passionate about your organization as you are. This book needs to be on the reading list of any leader who is looking for cutting edge ideas on how to build and attract top talent in the new economy.
Diana Oreck
- Diana Oreck

Vice President Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center
Meridith Elliott Powell has done it again! Just when you didn’t think that she could top her latest bestselling book “Winning In The Trust & Value Economy”, Meridith hits a home run with “Own It: Redefining Responsibility ”! Gallup has reported that 70%+ of today’s employees have just checked out! “Own It: Redefining Responsibility” is a practical how-to book for professionals and business managers that want to master the skill of employee engagement. If you manage any employees or just want to know why you’re not “engaged” in your own job, you need to read “Own It: Redefining Responsibility”!
Lon Safko
- Lon Safko

Author of the $2m Bestselling book “The Social Media Bible” & “The Fusion Marketing Bible”
Meridith Elliott Powell has done it again! Own It: Redefining Responsibility is truly exceptional because it reveals a surprising truth...that employee engagement is everybody's responsibility, not just management's. Meridith shares practical, effective practices and principles both for leadership to develop the engaged culture and for employees to own their crucial roles in developing unstoppable teams. Own It: Redefining Responsibility will inspire readers to collaborate and win the engagement challenge!
Brian Biro
- Brian Biro

America's Breakthrough Coach, Author of 11 books including Beyond Success

Meridith Elliott Powell

Meridith Elliott Powell is an award-winning business speaker, who motivates her audiences to think big, get active and take action!

With a background that includes corporate leadership positions in banking, finance and healthcare, Meridith has that cutting-edge message, and truly unique approach to the challenges of business growth, employee engagement and the client experience. Meridith helps leaders and organizations create ownership at every level in order to increase profits at every turn.

Known in the industry as a triple-threat, Meridith delivers powerful content, with a lot of energy and a hint of fun, leaving her audiences with a plan of action that ensures they get results and return on investment! A speaker, coach and author, her book, Winning In The Trust & Value Economy," reveals the strategies of how to make this economy start working for you. This book was nominated for three international book awards, and was named a finalist for the USA BEST BUSINESS BOOK AWARDS. Her fourth book, Own It: Redefining Responsibility (due out in January of 2016, Motivational Press) powerfully redefines the term personal responsibility and gives the reader proven techniques to inspire their teams to step to the plate, take ownership and get passionate about driving results.

Meridith is the host of the Secrets to Success Podcast on the award-winning, international Ambitious Entrepreneur podcast network and is a columnist for several publications, and has been featured in several others including Real Business, American Banker, Investment News, Insurance Today, and American Management. Her innovative webinar series The Client Connection is heard monthly through the BrightTalk Channel and hosts leading experts in the field of business relationships and client service.

Meridith Elliott Powell