What you will learn with this Book

  • See differences (cultural, personality) from a new, broader perspective
  • Learn how to accept what-is - and conserve your energy
  • Dissolve the barriers between you: transcend mind-generated patterns which separate you and energize conflict
  • Cultivate acceptance of others through the power of listening, critical thinking, appreciation and present moment awareness
  • Pay attention to your thoughts and reactions, so you can consciously create a different dynamic
  • Take your power back by choosing your perspective and using your thought and energy on purpose

Janet Desautels

Janet Desautels, B.A., B.A., LL.B is a professional development instructor at Chinook Learning Services in Calgary, and is Program Director for the Center for Organizational Cultural Competence. She earned degrees in Law (LL.B), Philosophy (B.A), and Sociology (B.A.) at the University of Calgary, is a past member of the Law Societies of British Columbia and Alberta, and is an experienced entrepreneur.

Janet is an engaging author, teacher, and mother of four who is passionate about helping people connect and communicate with each other, and achieve personal power and well-being independent of circumstances or others` behavior. She encourages us to cultivate our own innate power to determine our state of being – through accepting what-is and consciously guiding our attention - instead of allowing other people and events decide it for us. She advocates true personal freedom – from the dictates of things outside our control - and places the power for how we feel, and what we create, right within our grasp.

Inspired by timeless and universal spiritual principles and a love of humanity, she encourages us to expand our sense of who and what we are, and find ways to transcend mind patterns which limit us and perpetuate conflict between individuals, cultures and nations.

Janet Desautels